Home sweet Home

Over the weekend I visited the HomeMatic Usertreff in Kassel (HomeMatic is a SmartHome solution system with a bi-directional communication channel that can be wireless or wired). There I was introduced to some new features and concepts regarding the eQ-3 HomeMatic CCU i.e. I have the CCU2 and am very happy with it. There are certainly some smart people out there. I was very impressed with the IOBroker and would like to start exploring it with the idea of implementing it here as well. I really liked the visualisation part and the integration with Node-Red (also a something I had never seen before).

The initial install and getting it running was effortless. But there is s bit of a learning curve to get the communication happening with the CCU2. I will have to save that for another post – when I get it working and understand it better.